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Collection Agencies

for positive change.

[re]think The Penalties and [re]image the Possibilities

Our vision to change the perception of collections, bridges the gap between how consumers and clients perceive your agency. We believe your team should feel good about your profession, rather than avoid talking about it.

As a Sponsor with [re]start, you can showcase your commitment to social responsibility and create a positive experience from those you collect from.

The Problem

The collection industry is plagued with a negative perception, high employee turnover, lack of innovation, strained client relationships, and compliance and regulatory challenges. Don't get us started on plaintiff attorneys fueling the cause filing frivolous complaints.


It's not easy standing out in a crowded market that operates in one of the toughest industries to do business. [re]start is your differentiator!


Client Relationships

Give clients a good reason

to love your company.


In the Market

[re]start will outperform your best sales person, so imagine what it will be able to do for them.


Your Brand

The best kind of marketing is when other people tell your story for you.

Numbers Speak Volumes

Consumer power has become a silent disruptor in the collection industry..


CFPB Complaints Filed


BBB Complaints Filed


Lawsuits Filed

A Sponsorship is an


[re]start provides you with a turnkey solution designed to support individuals dealing with financial hardship or sudden job loss. We help you transform the traditional debt recovery process people expect into an opportunity for growth, both for your business and the people you collect from.


Custom Branding

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Earned Media

Client Differentiator

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Social Impact

Your Team Will Never Be The Same.

Empower your team with purpose and give them resources they can provide to make a different in people's lives. It's a chance to go above and beyond being a "collector" and going home with a sense of meaning and significance.

Game-Changer For Your Clients.

[Our platform provides you with a turnkey solution that helps individuals struggling financially or experiencing sudden job loss. By providing people access to new jobs, you're helping them secure employment that addresses the root cause of their financial challenges.

Lift Your Brand.

The best marketing is when other people tell your story.

Give your team a shared common-purpose and watch what happens when they help someone find a new job. By referring people to [re]start you get world-class testimonials that will help tell your story.

Complimentary access to a seamless job search process.


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