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We Never Met Anyone Who Loves Sending People To Collections.

Your success depends on people being able to pay their bills, but people can't

pay when they don't have a job.

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The Problem.

When people fall behind financially it has a negative impact on your business.

Medical Bills

Medical debt represents

66% of bankruptcies filed.

Student Loans

30% of college

students will go into debt.

Credit Cards

Americans owe

998 BILLION dollars.


1 in 3 adults have

been sent to collections.

Billion Dollars in Medical Debt Owed
Over 1 Trillion Dollars in Student Loan Debt
Billion Dollars Owed In Credit Card Debt
Million People Sent To Collections

It Gets Worse.

Over the next decade, more than 80 million jobs will be replaced by technology leaving businesses wondering how they're going to recover money owed from customers who can't pay.

Hard Conversations

Chasing people for money is a negative experience, for you and for them.

Additional Expenses

Additional processes, third party fees, and compliance risks create bigger losses.

Your Reputation

Turning people over to collections should only be used as a last resort.

How it Started...

Connecting people to meaningful employment opportunities changes everything, for everyone.

Collaborative Partner

The best kind of partnership is the one that over-delivers.

Game-Changer For

Billing Companies and Collection Agencies.

Your clients expect you to be different than others in your industry.

Who else uses [re]start?


Hospitals, Doctors, and Dentists.

Financial Services

Banks, Credit Cards, and Utility

Higher Education

Students, Graduates, and Alumni.

Property Management

Landlords losing on evictions


Organizations that already help people in their community professionally benefit using [re]start's platform to work with job-seekers.

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