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A better way to hire passionate professionals.

Not a recruiter. Not a job board. Not a staffing firm.
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86% of employees hired from a job board quit within 3 years.

Build a passionate team smarter not just faster. [re]start's distinct process connects you directly with highly qualified candidates who actually want to work for you.

Your talent community.

[re]start is a better, smarter way for great people to meet great companies. Our user-friendly online platform connects your company with passionate, better qualified candidates at no cost to you.

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The Better Way to Hire


Varied Skillsets

Hire top talent in IT, product management, marketing, strategy, finance, healthcare, communications, HR and business operations.


Better Quality hires

Our tools, assessments and career coaching elevates the traits and abilities that are correlated with actual job performance.


more PRoductivity

We only introduce members who pass pre-employment testing and those who show the passion for your vision.


Less turnover

Our process predicts job performance and how comfortable a candidate will be in a particular role — increasing retention over time.


Meet Online — connect offline

Technology was built to help people, not replace them. Once an introduction is made, the rest of the process happens offline.


Data Driven Approach

Pre-employment testing, assessments, case notes , and member dossiers give you more information to make better hiring decisions than any resume alone would.


Candidate driven hiring

[re]start will only reach out when a member is passionate about your company and they are a great match. No spamming. Ever.


100% Free — Forever

We will never charge a hiring partner to connect a qualified candidate. We have one goal: to connect great people to great companies, not to make money off them.


How it works


1. Sign Up

Register an account and showcase what makes your company great.

2. Meet the members

Discover and connect with [re]start members who are a match for your roles.

3. Hire for free

Get to know and hire qualified candidates at no cost to you.
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Features & Benefits


Web Based Portal


Unlimited Hiring


Customized Pre-employment Tests


Dedicated Account Manager

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No Spamming, Ever.


Direct Member Messaging



Start building your talent community.

Build a better team smarter.

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