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Who Loves Sending People To Collections.

Your success depends on people being able to pay their bills,

but people can't pay when they don't have a job.

Billion Dollars owed
in Medical Debt Owed
Average amount
owed in Student Loans
Billion Dollars owed
in Credit Card Debt
Million People have been
Sent to a Collection Agency

Over the next decade, more than 80 million

jobs will be replaced by technology.

How many people who pay Y.O.U. will be impacted?

Requires Hard Conversations
Chasing people who can't afford
to pay is a negative experience.
Higher Expenses
Additional processes, third
party fees, and compliance risks.
Your Brand
Turning people over to
collections should be your last option.

Great For Any Business That Uses a Collection Agency.

How do you separate your business from others in your industry? Becoming a sponsor will transform your company into an industry outlier.

“[re]start is truly a game-changer. Through our partnership with [re]start, we are actualizing our purpose to change people's lives. The service allows us to live our vision every day by giving people access to what they need, a job"

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Effective Communication

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