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Generation of Software Builders.

Learn How To Build Apps Without Writing a Single Word of Code.


Companies are adding more technology to their services, which will lead to more demand for no-code projects.


Career Shifting across the job market requires people to add more skills to their resume.


As more companies pursue mass layoffs, professionals realize the value of being able to freelance, consult, or work on their own idea or project.

Your Skills Are Your Most Valuable Asset.

Start a career path that provides amazing opportunities and financial freedom.

Meet the Instructor Jacob Gershkovich

In 2018, Jacob searched google for "How to build an app without code". After learning and then building his own platform, he started looking for other ways to help others do the same. Jacob became an instructor for bubble.io, which led to him writing the curriculum for their beginner "Jump-Start" boot-camp course.

Learn How To Build Software.

Bubble.io is one of the most powerful "No Code" software platforms.

3-Day Boot-Camp

When: Tues Feb 29th, Wed March 1st, Thurs March 2nd

Online from 7-9pm