Frequently Asked Questions

What Is [re]start?

[re]start is a Career Development App designed to help you navigate through the job search process with confidence and success. We've built a powerful tool that empowers you to take control of y our search by providing you with a range of features and resources you can use to find and land a job you'll love.

How Does The App Work?

We streamline the job search process by walking you step by step while aggregating opportunities from all over the web. Our Career Advisors provide personalized job recommendations based on your skills and experience. We utilize A.I. technology to create custom resumes that align with the job you're interested in pursuing.

What's The Biggest Benefit I'll Get Using Your App?
  • Having a team of Career Advisors and a Community to lean on for support.

  • Many times, job -seekers don't know where to start. We meet you where ever you are, no matter if you recently graduated or have been in the workforce for 20+ years.

  • Most companies today are trying to automate everything. With [re]start you not only get the benefit of using A.I. Technology, but you also have live Career Advisors helping you.

  • One of the biggest pain points for job-seekers is the application process. We can apply for you!

  • You get access to our community and can sign up for live workshops with our founders

Let us know if you need anymore reasons to try our app for free!

What is a Digital Profile?

Your digital profile consists of your hard copy resume along with a digital resume that can help you create so you can share it online. You get a custom URL for your own dedicated page and you give hiring managers and employers a one-click option to schedule an interview with you. You digital resume helps expand your reach online. It also gives people an option to download your hard copy resume.

How Is Your Resume Building Process Different From Others?

Everyone knows that in order to land more interviews you have to custom tailor your resume to match what the employer has posted in their job description. Unfortunately, most people don't take the time to do this because it's a lot of work customizing a new resume for every application submitted. Our technology does this for you, giving you the opportunity to apply with confidence knowing the resume being submitted will speak specifically to description the employer posted.

What is the Community Platform?

Our Community App is separate from the job-seeker app. It is a dedicated space within our platform where you can access a wide range of tools, resources, courses, insights, and live workshops. You can also uncover hidden opportunities by networking with other like-minded members who are growing professionally.

The platform acts a centralized hub, offering valuable resources to help you grow professionally along with staying on top of workforce news and trends.

How Does "Apply For Me" Work?

You simply click the request on any job you' want to pursue and our Career Advisors will take care of the rest. We'll reach out if there's any missing information needed to submit on your behalf and you'll receive a confirmation after it's been completed. You'll see the status "pending" until you hear whether or not if you land the interview. It's important to let us know if or when you hear from the employer so we don't reach out to them to inquire about the status.

How Can You Help Prepare Me For Interviews?

We have two options you can take advantage of that can help you crush the interview process.

  1. Video-Ask Responder. You can record and submit answers to real interview questions that the CEO and Founder of [re]start will review and respond with specific feedback, guidance, and coaching. We recommend using some of your free credits to try this service out.
  2. Live Mock Interview. You can also set up a 1x1 mock interview with our CEO and he will put you through an interview that he's been using for over two decades. You'll receive immediately feedback and guidance during the session.
What is a Hiring Partner Network?

We have a growing network of recruiters and employers who collaborate with [re]start and are always interested in seeing the digital resumes from people in our community. We share and highlight candidates with our network to increase their changes on landing a great job.

How Does Your App Ensure My Privacy and Security?

We take privacy and security very seriously and will never share anything without your consent. We'll never sell your personal data and you can delete your digital profile at anytime.

How Much Does It Cost?

There's no charge to become a member.

For a limited time while our development team is adding all of our new features, all upgrades are free to use. Your feedback is appreciated so we can improve the user experience!